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Playing the Piano

Piano Garden Studio

510 Anglewood Dr Lenoir City Tennessee 37772

Creative repertoire-driven approach to Piano, Music Theory, Audio/Music Technology

Private lessons with Katia Karkkainen, MFA

I teach:
- Classical piano (mainly using Piano Safari method, which is a mix of traditional and Suzuki methods)
- Pop/rock contemporary chord-based approach, improvisation - play your favorite songs (try this is you want to take a break from classical!), learn to make your own arrangements of your favorite music
- COMBO classical + contemporary - chef's choice! My favorite approach that combines the fun of contemporary with technical and sonic foundations of classical.

I have two pianos in my studio:
Kawai 506N Acoustic Upright and Yamaha P-515B Digital Piano​.
Kawai is great for classical and jazz music, digital Yamaha is great for more contemporary music and jazz. We play 4 hands ensembles and experiment with instruments on a digital piano.

Flexible and easy scheduling with Fons software.

Choose the length of the lesson:

30 mins, 40 mins, or 1 hour.

Kids and adults, ages 5 - 99!

One-on-one piano lessons for beginning and intermediate students and fun small group lessons for beginners (2-3 students)

Celebrating student achievements: certificates at the end of the semester, student recitals

Separate music theory course for very young beginners to help them read music notation easily: Wilbeck Easy Notes.
Designed for beginners and students who struggle to read music. 

Chord chart reading and improvisation course for mid-late beginners.

Choose your favorite repertoire:



Easy Jazz

Movie Soundtracks, Musicals

Kids songs



Christian songs

and more!

Play along with a pre-recorded band or orchestra!

Play the melody - sound like an orchestra!