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Fees and programs

Playing Piano

First consultation and demo lesson (30 minutes)


It is very important to find a teacher that you and your kid will like. That's why many piano teachers offer the first FREE consultation/lesson so you could visit several teachers and choose the right one for your kid.

Piano Practice

45 minutes Piano lesson (one-on-one)


Usually is a good starting point for most students. You can also BUNDLE TWO PIANO LESSONS PER WEEK for $70!

Piano Lesson

60 minutes Piano lesson (one-on-one)


Or two 30-minute lessons with 10 min break in between. Usually a good choice for teens and adult students 13+ age.

Image by Jason Rosewell

45 minutes Singing lesson (one-on-one)


I am not a professional vocal coach, but I am a pianist with years of experience in accompanying vocalists, singing in a choir, and vocal production at the recording studio. I will be happy to accompany you on the piano and guide you through your vocal studies. Singing your favorite songs, pieces from musicals and Disney movies, etc...


1 hour Singing lesson (group of 2-5 students)

$15-25 (depending on the number of students)

Singing your favorite songs + the best songs from The Sounds of Music, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and more! Learning sight reading (solfege) through singing. The best performances will become a part of annual and semi-annual recitals!

Sheet Music Edits

1 hour Ear Training + Basic Music Theory + Music Technology (group of 2-5 students)

$15-25 (depending on the number of students)

This class is for TRUE music fans! Topics include Ear Training, Sight Reading (singing written music), Basic Music Theory, Learning Instruments of the Orchestra, Music Technology (e.g. how to record your vocal at home...) Please give me more ideas about music related things you want to learn!

Child Playing the Piano

BUNDLE AND SAVE: Piano one-on-one lesson + Group Singing Lesson

$50-65/week (depending on a number of students in a group class)

One 45 min Piano lesson (one-on-one) + one 1-hour Group Singing Lesson per WEEK

Young Boy Playing the Piano

BUNDLE AND SAVE: Piano one-on-one lesson + Group Ear Training/Music Theory/Technology lesson

$50-65/week (depending on a number of students in a group class)

One 45 min Piano lesson (one-on-one) + one 1-hour Group Ear Training/Music Theory/Technology lesson per WEEK

Fees and Plans: Courses

Cost-efficient plans (1 lesson per week)

Combination of one lesson per week and homework

In general, two 45-minute lessons per week with instructor is the most efficient way to learn piano. You will get results faster. However, you will be surprised to know how much you can learn on your own just practicing at home the same things you learned in class. If you don't have time or can't afford more than one class per week -- it does not mean you will not succeed in music. You will! If you do some homework on your own.

For one student

One 45-minute or 1 hour lesson per week

45-min lesson on a weekday before 4 p.m. - $35
45-min lesson after 4 p.m. or on weekends - $40
You can take one lesson per week plus do a little homework. You will be surprised how much progress you can make if you do a small homework assignment on your own every week and practice piano just a few minutes every day.

For 2-3 children in the family

List Title.

Piano with siblings is double fun. Not only because they eventually play 4-hand duets and even 6 hand trios -- but also because they can learn a lot all together as a group. We can customize a plan together with you to fit your goals and budget.

Here is an example of a cost efficient plan for two kids: 

One lesson per week, 1 hour 15 minutes total time, $55

This lesson is split into 3 sections:

1) 30 minutes of general music for both kids at once: learning music notation, singing songs, clapping the rhythm, playing games, drawing, writing, listening, ear training, etc...

2) 20 minutes of one-on-one piano instruction for one kid

3) 20 minutes of on-on-one piano instruction for another kid

For older kids we can make general music section shorter (15-20 minutes) and one-on-one section longer.

Train your kid at home (for 4-7 y.o. kids)

Even if you are not a musician

What if you want to teach your kids, but can't afford to hire a teacher? You can actually develop some basic musicianship on your own, even if you are not a musician. For younger kids 4-7 y.o. I would recommend to use books like:

My First Piano Adventure LESSON Book A with online audio ($9.95 on Amazon)

My First Piano Adventure WRITING Book A ($6.75 on Amazon)

And then book B and C.

There are also other books in the same series, flashcards, stickers, whatever you can use that makes learning process more fun.

These books have pretty clear directions about what to do. You may find some tasks confusing (be careful with hand posture! I recommend to watch some videos on this), but a lot of the task are usually pretty straightforward.

Here are some activities you can do with your child even if you are not a musician:

1. Clap various rhythms and ask your kid to repeat.

2. Playback songs from these books or any other songs and ask your kid to move (dance) with a rhythm.

3. Learn songs with your kids using recordings -- to develop music memory.

4. If you can sing yourself a little bit - sing a simple melody and ask your kid to repeat.

5. Learn notes and their placement on a keyboard. This is just memorizing, you can do it on your own, and the most effective way is to make or buy flashcards with one note written on one side and the name of this note on the other side. Do it for both treble clef and bass clef. You can download PDFs of such flashcards on internet for free and print them out on a think cardstock paper. Quiz your kid with these cards several times a week and it will help them to start reading music.

6. If you know a little bit about writing down the rhythm, you can also make flashcards with notes of various measures, create a short music phrase using these cards in different order and clap those rhythms. Be careful with this one though -- do it only if you are confident that you are not making mistakes.

7. If you have a piano or keyboard at home, you can ask your kid to play a simple melody by ear. Do not think about notes or rhythm at this point -- just do it by ear and find the right keys by comparing which one sounds more correct. Before you start, ask your kid where melody goes (up or down), if it goes gradually or leaps by larger intervals. Start with simple melodies without leaps and do not forget that you will probably need to use both white and black keys!

Fees and Plans: List

Discounted rate of $35 per 45 min lesson is available!

Every semester a few spots with discounted rates are available. Please contact me if you are interested. In this tough 2022 economy, I am trying to make these lessons affordable for more people, but at the same time I appreciate students who can pay a standard fee (without discount) so I could have some budget to buy new music books and do basic studio upgrades.

Extra budget would help me with the following expenses:

- Piano tuning at least twice a year ($160 per session). Trust me, you will not want to listen to an out-of-tune piano :) 

- New books. I don't buy just random books, only those that include piano or singing repertoire which is a good potential fit for my current students. And more students can use this library for free!

- Piano bench with adjustable hight -- would be nice to have for younger kids so they sit more comfortable at the piano.

- Awards items are very important to keep students motivated and reward them for their achievements (piano learning is a hard work!). I can print out nice diplomas/certificates for free, but it would be nice to make some engraved personalized trophies for each student at the end of the year.

Fees and Plans: Text

What is included in fees?

You don't pay anything for extra time we spend outside the class to find the best repertoire for you

-- I am looking for your favorite songs arranged for your performance level.

No extra fees for preparation for the recitals (which includes finding the venue, at least one rehearsal at the venue, and the concert itself).

Participation in concerts is voluntary. Only students that are prepared are playing in recitals, but all students with families and friends are welcome to attend in the audience.

Also you are welcome to use my music sheet library for FREE!

You may choose to pay fees per lesson, per month, or per semester.

Additional discounts may be offered:

  • to students who attend classes before 4 p.m. on weekdays

  • to families with more than one child attending lessons.

Additional fees of $5-10 may be added if I commute to your place.

You can also BUNDLE two and more classes per week for discounted rates! Make your own custom BUNDLE!

Fees and Plans: Text
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