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Lesson fees and Policy

How much do lessons cost?

Annual tuition, which covers a total of 47 learning experiences, is divided into 12 equal installments. The amount depends on the length of the lesson you choose - 30 mins, 40 mins, or 1 hour.

This amount remains the same regardless of the number of lessons taught in the month, but each day of the week totals up to the same number of lessons over the course of the entire year.


1 one-on-one 30 min lesson per week - $120/month

        2 one-on-one 30 min lessons per week - $220/month

1 one-on-one 40 min lesson lesson per week - $150/month

        2 one-on-one 40 min lessons per week - $280/month

1 one-on-one 60 min lesson per week - $200/month


1 one-on-one lesson + 1 group Wilbeck Easy Notes lesson (2-3 students):

for additional $15/week you can get an extra fun activity in a small group (2-3 students of similar age and level).

Easy Notes lessons teach young kids to read music notation through stories and drawings. These activities help student to advance through any piano method much faster and EASIER!

Do you do make-up lessons?

Your lesson time is reserved just for you! However, life happens and some cancellations are expected. In fact, several cancellations per year are already counted in your monthly fees, so if you attend ALL lessons then you are getting a few of them for free! That’s why I am not offering make-up lessons at this time.

If you need to miss for any reason, I kindly ask that you cancel your lesson on your Fons Account at least 3 days prior to the lesson and reschedule it for any available slot. 

If canceling without a 3-day notice or no available slots work for you, then cancellation is non-refundable and no make-up lessons will be offered.

What is Wilbeck Easy Notes?

Almost all beginners struggle with one thing the most: it is sight reading (notation, note recognition). This is the top reason why music lessons become tedious, students lose motivation, and even quit. What if there was a method that would help your kids to remember music notation through consistent stories and fun characters? If you find your kids in this situation of music struggles, do not be discouraged and try a new method: Wilbeck Easy Notes.

Imagine you are playing a computer game and you struggle in your mission. If you just continue as it is, you will lose your battles and will not get to the end in one piece. What is a good strategy? Probably to pump some of your skills, get rid of weaknesses, level up your character. In music the skill that you need to pump up at the very beginning is sight reading. If you become a Level 80 sight reader, you can study with any piano method much easier and you will actually start to enjoy making music.

I have been using this Wilbeck Easy Notes course (magnetic board + 2 workbooks) in my one-on-one piano classes, and it goes well in parallel with any other piano method books. And now I have an idea to make it a separate class in a small group setting for 2-3 students in a group. For groups of 2 students the lesson length is 40 minutes, for groups of 3 students - 55 minutes.

Why do I want to add this option of a separate group class?

  1. While a one-on-one learning is still the best way to learn any music instrument, music theory part can be much easier and fun when taught in small groups

  2. It is fun for kids to learn together with their peers, they don’t feel isolated and lonely (especially those who don’t have siblings of similar age!)

  3. It “breaks the ice” for young kids and help to get used to a new environment of one-on-one music lessons, which is very different from other classes in school 

  4. It is budget friendly, because you split the cost of the lesson between 2-3 students

  5. You are making new music friends to play 4-hands duets (and even 6-hands trios) in future! 

Who will benefit from Wilbeck Easy Notes classes?

  • Piano beginners who are taking one-on-one piano lessons

  • Beginners that study other instruments or piano with another teacher, but who is stuck with music reading step and just need extra practice or different more creative approach. If you study with another teacher, you can take just 3-4 months of Easy Notes Music Theory course 

  • Late beginners or even intermediate students who don’t feel confident reading music

  • Got stuck with your music lessons? Thinking to quit? Home practice is hard and boring? 95% of these problems happen because you did not really learn your notes yet, and all music methods are heavily based on reading music.



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